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The Eye, the Hand, the Head and the Heart.

What drawing is to me.

Like you, I can’t remember when I started drawing. Whether doodle or focused work, it was always a part of me.

Sometimes it’s a frustrating challenging companion as much as friend. Yet it seems as close to my being as drawing each breath.

Perhaps that’s the answer: drawing is not only making a mark, but like the breath pulled in for life to continue, drawing pulls the world into me to help me understand it in all its fascinating beauty and horror. I’ll stick with beauty.

So what does Eye, Hand, Head & Heart have to do with the above?

It’s the years of teaching figure drawing to animation students. The need to focus their drawing skills quickly to meet the needs of an ever changing creative industry.

When I started at Sheridan, most animation was hand drawn. Students needed to hone their drawing skills. To do so they needed to learn to look, and know what to see. They needed anatomy to understand the figure.

Animation has changed a lot in the years since, but somethings never change. And that’s why the fundamentals of what I now teach at Seneca College in Toronto have come down to the Eye, Hand, Head & Heart.

In following posts I will delve into each and share what I’ve learned.

Thanks for reading.