Knee studies in sequence

Knee studies in sequence

studies of the knee

Knee sequence studies

My fascination of all joints was focused on the knee today.  In a way it’s a very simple joint: it is essentially one big hinge, like that on a door that can only swing one way open and shut.   Yet it also allows for rotation medially and laterally when the knee is bent, even though when the leg is extended, it locks tight.   Even more fascinating is the fact that the end of the femur doesn’t roll on the same spot on the tibia when flexing or extending the lower leg.  Stability and mobility are both there.  And of course that all changes what you see artistically.

So today I focused on simply flexion and  extension. At times the model was asked to simply stand  or sit  with muscles relatively relaxed.  In positions between those points I observed the model either rising or lowering.   I’ll let you guess which I portrayed.    I’ll discuss it in more detail in later images as I continue with studies.


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