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hand studies Sept 28 2018

I had the opportunity to draw with some students at the University of Guelph this evening.  Once again I was drawn to the hand and especially the skeleton.  The nature of the wrist is of particular interest since it is so pivotal to the movement of the wrist; the carpals in particular.   There wasn't enough [...]

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Arms and Forelimbs, Human, Polar bear & Seal

I just spent Saturday morning studying the Extensor muscles of the human forearm.  It is truly fascinating to see how all the muscles that extend both the hand at the wrist and the fingers originate on the bony prominence of the humerus called the Lateral Epicondyle.   In a similar way, all the flexors originate on [...]

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Life and Anatomical Studies today

An excellent day today.  I got my favorite model in for a few hours for some arm studies. Followed up with another visit to the  Gross Human Anatomy Labs at the University of Guelph thanks to some very talented and eager students who meet there every week for drawing.   9B Pencil on Paper [...]

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Arm Studies at the U of Guelph Anatomy Lab Today

For a hot summer day, it was a chilly but very productive day  inside at the U of Guelph Gross Human Anatomy Lab. I was in for a day of studies for my own personal enjoyment, and enjoyment it was.  The great staff there gave me lots to chose from but I focused on the [...]

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Montreal MFA & Bone Room Guelph

I was in Montreal this weekend with regrettably little time to draw outside rough sketches of the architecture in Old Montreal during an early morning walk. Got a few minutes before closing in the Beaux Arts and had a moment to sketch this dragon from a painting by an Italian artist from the 17th century. [...]

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Studies of Arms

I was just looking at some old journals and found my scrawled notes from when I was taking human anatomy at the University of Guelph. I was desperately trying to make sense of the shoulder and all the muscles that overlap, go around, go under, go anywhere except where I could understand them. Top that [...]

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Bone Room Study

Past students of mine will remember the trips to the Bone Room(s) at the University of Guelph. It's probably no more than a few kilometers from my house and yet I just don't access it enough given the wealth of knowledge those bones can provide. The picture above is a small study of the hind [...]

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