Happy January Everyone. With Christmas Survival days out of the way it is back to work. I make a point of starting each year with a visit to a gallery or museum and this year it was the AGO. My spots to hit: the Berninis, the Van Dyke, Sargent, the mini carvings and the boats. This year I did it with Dr. Rick Pottruff who followed the AGO visit with a part of his ‘Strange City Tour: Toronto’ in which he reveals, just as in NYC a part of the city and galleries previously unknown (at least to me).

School starts next week and with the talk of Strike it makes me sick to think of what this is going to do to students.In 2010 there should be a better way than confrontation. But perhaps that is becoming more and more the way of the world.

On that note, and because I truly do love January and winter I leave you with this: a card I did for my niece.

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