Mr. Bob Cripps Honouring the fine people in my life

You never forget great teachers or mentors like Bob Cripps. I may have portrayed him somewhat grumpy in this sketch, but Bob Cripps was anything but a kind considerate gentleman. Pilot in the war,  sailor and architect in the years that followed, Bob was someone to whom I looked up to for his quiet wisdom and [...]

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Arm Studies at the U of Guelph Anatomy Lab Today

For a hot summer day, it was a chilly but very productive day  inside at the U of Guelph Gross Human Anatomy Lab. I was in for a day of studies for my own personal enjoyment, and enjoyment it was.  The great staff there gave me lots to chose from but I focused on the [...]

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Long ago watercolour

 I just came across this photo of a watercolour I did many years ago after University.  It was an old gnarled apple tree I would pass in a field near a highway I often traveled.  One winter day I stopped, sketched and this came about.  I was sad when years later it finally died.  I think [...]

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Last Boat at Old Woman River

It's September and many have packed up and returned to civilization, leaving the beauty of the Bruce Peninsula behind.  I took my sketch pad out on the the first day of what might as well be called the New Year and did this watercolour of the last boat on the shore of this tiny sandy [...]

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Shoreline Sketches

August 22 L. Huron from Old Woman R. w/c on arches  4.5 x 9 in.Some pencil and watercolour sketches done around Lion's Head this summer.  Rock patterns and light over water and reflected off the cliffs here are endlessly fascinating.  Hopefully these sketches get worked up into larger paintings in the coming weeks or months.  [...]

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Lion’s Head Studio Thoughts

I’m writing this in the last minutes, maybe hours if I stretch it, of time in my studio in Lion’s Head. Outside it is dark but the squall off Georgian Bay is shaking branches of the huge old maples outside my windows, rattling a warning that the drive home won't be that easy, but because [...]

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Nanaimo Poster

Nanaimo B.C. has been the home of an exceptional childrens' book festival for over 20 years. I've been privileged to be a part of it many times and have numerous fond memories of those visits. When Robin Muller approached me to be part of a poster to celebrate the festival I was both pleased and [...]

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On the Opinicon Road

I was visiting Smiths Falls this week and on the way home from friends who live on the Rideau Canal at beautiful Chaffey's Locks I stopped to sketch a quick watercolour of an island I've passed before. Not satisfied with the results I played with it in Photoshop and volia: not what I saw but [...]

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Tofino Long Beach 06 / 10

With the games on in Vancouver, my thoughts go a bit further out the coast to the other side of Vancouver Island, to Tofino and Long Beach. I've been fortunate to get out there many times over the years, the last being 06 when I did this sketch of a sunlit log on Long Beach. [...]

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