Montreal MFA & Bone Room Guelph

Montreal MFA & Bone Room Guelph

I was in Montreal this weekend with regrettably little time to draw outside rough sketches of the architecture in Old Montreal during an early morning walk. Got a few minutes before closing in the Beaux Arts and had a moment to sketch this dragon from a painting by an Italian artist from the 17th century. I loved the way he made the belly feel as awful as that of a fat lizard or fish, and how he made the dragon’s head different from what I’d seen before. Never got around to seeing my favorite Rodin before closing.

Today I spend a few hours a the Bone Rooms at the Vet College here in Guelph doing studies of a massive lion skull. I was amazed at the size of this animal’s temporalis; his biting muscle. Absolutely huge. And I was equally surprised by the relatively small size of the brain. Pure hunter with only one way of thinking: the hunt. Hate to be the prey.

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  1. Julian Raigoza May 6, 2010 at 12:50 pm - Reply

    Hey werner how are you. THe skull studies are lovely, I imagen how amazing it must it been drawing the lion skull.NIce to see that you been posting a lot of stuff in your blog, its pretty awesome .Anyways, hope things are going well for you, i will drop by sometime this sumner and say hello. take care.

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