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Knee studies in sequence

Knee sequence studies My fascination of all joints was focused on the knee today.  In a way it's a very simple joint: it is essentially one big hinge, like that on a door that can only swing one way open and shut.   Yet it also allows for rotation medially and laterally when the [...]

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Life and Anatomical Studies today

An excellent day today.  I got my favorite model in for a few hours for some arm studies. Followed up with another visit to the  Gross Human Anatomy Labs at the University of Guelph thanks to some very talented and eager students who meet there every week for drawing.   9B Pencil on Paper [...]

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Studies of Ed from today

Had Ed CZ over today for some studies of arm rotations. We all have good days and some not so good. Today I struggled with proportion, losing sight of relationships. These were the best of many frustrations. Too many weeks with no intense drawing has its toll. My intention is now to work back through [...]

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