Mr. Bob Cripps Honouring the fine people in my life

You never forget great teachers or mentors like Bob Cripps. I may have portrayed him somewhat grumpy in this sketch, but Bob Cripps was anything but a kind considerate gentleman. Pilot in the war,  sailor and architect in the years that followed, Bob was someone to whom I looked up to for his quiet wisdom and [...]

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Inuit portraits

I got a call last evening from Zacharaiasie Nappatok, an Inuit friend living in Akulivik in Nunavik, previously known as Norther Quebec.  Our friendshop goes back many years to a time when I was printmaking advisor to the Inuit artists of Povungnituk and regions around the Hudson's and Ungava Bay coasts.Of the many drawings and [...]

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Watching Tangled

This morning I took the opportunity to sketch my granddaughter as she watched Tangled. Having a 4 and half year old hold still is an impossibility so this opportunity was wonderful.  It was interrupted only by the cat moving into my lap and finally my own attention being diverted to the piece too.  The first [...]

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