Cat & fate?

Cat & fate?

I have a cat named MOUSE who is very elegant with a haughty look of disdain on all that is around him. Sort of regal and aloof. Next door my son has a cat named MEETCH who is the polar opposite. Meetch is twice Mouse’s size, soft as a pillow and with the biggest eyes that one could assemble on a cat. His look is that of perpetual awe. I sketched this for my niece Natalie simply because I hit the tab on Sketchbook Pro and figured why waste the screen and it was time I sent her something.

This sketch is however one arising from the guilt of not getting out and walking as I should. I once passed a group of mall-walkers awaiting the opening of the mall. With something akin to a cold chill I thought “would that someday be me?” Luckily that will never never never happen but I still remember those faces and last evening, once again with the accidental screen of sketchbook in front of me (its on my menu bar) I started to doodle these guys. Aliens I say!

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