Studies from the Musee Rodin, Paris

Studies from the Musee Rodin, Paris

A piece I had only seen in pictures, I am Beautiful captivated me even more in real life (as of course could be expected but when confronted in real life, the impact seems even greater than I would have thought). Situated in a corner by a busy door, it did not allow for much uninterrupted contemplation or study from as many angles as I would have wished, but I was able to do some quick pen studies from a spot mostly out of the way of the circulating crowds.

The museum of his work is a beautiful building with grounds that again were unexpected despite what I had read in advance. But most astounding to me was the work inside. I can’t pretend to have ever been a great admirer of Rodin. It is only lately that I have been drawn more and more to the outer power and inner grace of his work. Had I had more time I would have visited the joint Rodin Matisse exhibition where I would have no doubt seen many drawings by both, but I couldn’t pull myself away from the sculptures. I’m sure I missed out on an impressive show of both masters together, but one can only do so much if one really wishes to absorb and not just see.

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